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Saturday, 28 May 2011

The results from the proto-supper club

  As the last of the glasses gets loaded into the dishwasher and I eat a breakfast of truffle marmite butter on sourdough, I am reflecting on all the things I learned after the proto-supper club last night.

1. There really is nothing wrong with Marmite on toast as a canapé.

2. The drawing room is not big enough to seat 22 in comfort. But it wasn't intolerable.

3. Omelette Arnold Bennett is enormously underrated. And to think I learned it in my first week at cookery school.

4. Heidi Cawley is pretty amazing.

5. Some people, naming no names, are a teeny bit on the tight side, wallet speaking.

6. We must do this again. It was awesome.

7. I cannot express fully enough how very lucky myself and Heidi are.

   We can buy exceptional produce at a good price from great shops selling local produce. I was quite shocked at the depth of flavour in the Cotswold lamb we served. The potatoes and peas from Over Farm were superb. And my love affair with smoked eel from Severn and Wye Smokery continues.

  I was able to forage wild garlic and nettles not five minutes away. Were I more knowledgeable I could have gathered horseradish, sorrel and any number of herbs and edibles from the countryside. I was also able to do another kind of foraging; for the vast quantities of parsley, thyme, rosemary, bay and lavender from my mother's garden.

  I am also very lucky to have family members who want to help with such a foolhardy enterprise. And to have such an amazing girlfriend (see point 4). And to have the ability to hold a supper club in such a house, with such a garden, in such an area, is a fluke akin to that by which David Beckham was born with exceptional beauty and passing ability.

   I'll carry on ranting about the supper club on the new Rodborough Supper Club blog and thank once more the 22 guinea pigs who tested the limits of my patience and resources. You are very welcome to do it again.


  1. Just to say that we were among the guests and we had a wonderful evening. The food was absolutely delicious and it was extra-ordinary that Frank and Heidi could serve so many people with such good food just in an ordinary (although very lovely) house. The compnay was also great. We would definitely come again. Congratulations to Frank and Heidi. Alice and Stephen

  2. How do we get on the mailing guest list for future ones???

  3. We now have a mailing list. send an email saying 'I wish to be added to your mailing list' to heidiandfranks at gmail dot com.